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What is StudioBookings?

StudioBookings is a web-based system that makes it possible for fitness and wellness studios to access and manage their studio and members online. The system also allows members to directly manage their personal class subscriptions and profiles online.

Will my business save time and money using StudioBookings?

Yes, StudioBookings is as easy as checking emails. Most actions are automated and self-explanatory. Your members will love how intuitive the system is to use.

Will StudioBookings replace our website?

StudioBookings is an addition to your website. When you sign up with StudioBookingsOnline, you get the link to put on your existing website. This link takes you and your members to the page integrated into your site where your members can schedule their classes, renew their packages and memberships with your studio and much more.

Will my business save time and money using StudioBookings?

Absolutely. Saving you time and money are the primary purposes of StudioBookings and why so many customers switch over from other systems and stay with us. Think about the hours you spend every week tracking attendance through sign-in logs, answering calls about schedules and memberships, and doing tedious paperwork to reconcile expired or about-to-expire memberships. Not to mention the potential business lost because you’re not set up to accept credit cards or didn’t send out membership renewal reminders. StudioBookings automates all of this online so the relevant information is just a click away for you or your members.

If I need support or help with anything, can I call or send an email and get a quick response?

Yes, you can email us anytime. We always try to respond in under an hour.

If I need support or help with anything, can I call or send an email and get a quick response?

Yes, you can email us anytime. We always try to respond in under an hour.

I see the cost clearly on the site; are there any hidden costs/fees to use StudioBookings?

No, we are not that kind of company. No hidden costs or fees. If you decide to add a merchant account for credit card processing, that company (Stripe Payments) may require a small fee for each transaction you bill to your members.

Do I have to pay extra later for features I need such as Online Waivers and Promo codes?

No, you do not. These are included. We never charge you extra for anything.

Do you have an APP?

Yes, we do. The APP is for both iOS and Android devices and is free for you and your members.

Will I have access to my class attendance and membership information while traveling?

You will have full access to our system anywhere that you have internet access.

How do I get started?

Simply click the ‘Free Trial’ button at the top of the page. You will be up and running in no time.

How secure is StudioBookings?

We utilize the same extra security that top banks use. We will not compromise on security.

Will my information be sold or shared with anyone?

StudioBookings does not share personal information under any circumstances. Not for promotions, not for money, not for anything. That’s our privacy guarantee. You can read the full details in our privacy policy.

What happens after the free 14-day trial ends if I do not sign up for a full account?

Your information gets deleted.

What is your cancellation policy?

We do not require you to sign a contract, so you can cancel anytime.

Who will have access to my studio’s information?

Only you - the studio owner - will have access to all of your studio’s data. If you share your password (which we don’t recommend), then that person will also have access to your data. Each of your members will only be able to see and access their individual information.

We primarily accept cash, how will this work for us?

No problem. Most studios accept cash. When a member pays with cash, all you need to do is update their profile with the class card package amount purchased.

Do I have to purchase and maintain any equipment?

No, there is no equipment to buy, rent or maintain.

What happens to all of my information if I cancel?

Upon cancellation, we delete all of your studio’s information, including that of your members. This means that if you decide to rejoin, you will need to reenter your information.

I use Square or I already accept credit cards, do I need to change my system?

You can continue using Square or your current credit card method. You will simply have to manually input your Members’ purchases to their profile. For example, if a Member purchases a 10 class card, you will have to remember to update their profile. We integrate with Stripe, so when your member buys one of your packages online, StudioBookings knows to update their profile automatically. Consequently, you do nothing but receive an email about the purchase. This is another way StudioBookings make things easier for you.

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